It's Cool To Be Kind

It's Cool To Be Kind

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Be good to people for no reason. Compassion. Empathy. Acts of kindness. Sprinkle that s*?t everywhere! And light this baby up in celebration! Float through an English Meadow with the fresh and vibrant aromas of white tea, lemon, mandarin & pear on a bed of delicate floral notes. 

A beautiful gift for just about anyone! Leave one on your friend's doorstep as a true random act of kindness. 

A sleek white matte vessel and 'It's Cool to be Kind' displayed in a dazzling fuchsia make this a show stopping edition to your coffee table! Finished in a fresh and fun 'doodle' gift box to make this one candle that might even be too cute to open! 

- Non toxic, natural blended wax 

- Essential Oils 

- Environmentally friendly 

- Hand poured in the UK 

- Approximately 40 hours burn time

- Net weight 220g